Narrative Text beserta soal dan jawaban The Good Step Mother

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Narrative Text beserta soal dan jawaban The Good Step Mother

Read the following questions and answer questions 1 to 4.
The Good Stepmother
The old witch locked Hansel in a cage and set Gretel to clean the house. She planned to eat them both. Each night the children cried and begged the witch to let them go. Meanwhile, at home, their stepmother was beginning to wish she had never tried to get rid of the children. ”I must find them,” she said and set off into the forest.
Many hours later, when her feet were tired from walking and her lips were dry from thirst, she came to the cottage belonging to the witch. The stepmother peeped through the window. Her heart cried out when she saw the two children.
She picked up the broom leaning against the door and crept inside. The witch was putting some stew in the oven when the stepmother gave her an almighty push. The witch fell into the oven and the stepmother shut the door.
“Children, I have come to save you,” she said, hugging them tightly. I have done a dreadful thing. I hope in time you will forgive me. Let me take you home and become a family again. They returned to their home and the stepmother became the best mother anyone could wish to have, and of course they lived happily ever after.

1. The story is about a stepmother who ….
a. cried every night
b. planned to eat her children
c. begged a witch for money
d. tried to run away from a witch
e. Saved her children from a witch

2. Which statement is TRUE about the stepmother?
a. She was the witch’s friend.
b. She loved her stepchildren.
c. She hit the witch with a broom.
d. She locked her children in a cage
e. She visited the witch to see her children.

3. “The witch fell into the oven and the stepmother shut the door …. ” (p.4)
The underlined word can be replaced by the word
a. closed 
b. opened
c. painted
d. marked
e. polished

4. How did the witch die ?
a. She was burnt in the oven 
b. She was trapped in a cage
c. She was hit with a broom
d. She was locked in her house
e. She was pushed against the wall


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