Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris SBMPTN 2013 Kunci Jawaban

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Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris SBMPTN 2013 Kunci Jawaban

Soal tryout bahasa Inggris SBMPTN 2013 beserta Kunci Jawaban yang Anda lihat di bawah merupakan soal tryout yang diselenggarakn oleh Unpad (Universitas Padjadjaran). Untuk melihat semua soal lengkap termasuk mata pelajaran lainnya Matematika, Biologi, Kimia dan Fisika, Sosiologi, Sejarah, Geografi dan Ekonomi, serta Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) dan Paket TKDU (Test Kemampuan Dasar Umum) yang lengkap silahkan kunjungi langsung website resmi Unpad. Good Luck!

What causes bulimia nervosa is not clear, but it may be due to a combination of family history, certain personality traits (such as perfectionism) and social values (such as admiring thinness). The risk for developing bulimia intensifies if your parent or sibling has the condition. Stressful events such as divorce or the death of a loved one can trigger bulimia in some people, mostly teenagers and young women. Also, many young women have unhealthy attitudes toward eating and toward their bodies so they may socially allow and promote destructive behaviors like extreme dieting or binging and purging.

If not properly treated, bulimia can lead to long-term health problems. Health problems caused by bulimia include electrolyte imbalances and heart problem, tooth decay, osteoporosis, dehydration and kidney problem, inflammation, swollen saliva glands, fainting, abnormal heartbeat, low body temperature, suicide risk, etc. There are also other mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety,  borderline personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks and phobias.

Like all eating disorders, bulimia is a complex physical and psychological condition that requires appropriate treatment. The treatment focuses on the change of behavior and deals with the deeper attitudes and feeling in order to avoid the binge-purge cycles. The treatment may be in form of psychological counseling (such as cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT, or iterpersonal therapy)  or antidepressant medicine. Both are long-term treatments that may need weeks or months to work.

There are also other treatments which may be helpful.  Nutritional counceling may help avoid unhealthy diets. Group counceling may enhance individual therapy. Family therapy may also help family member as it teaches about the disorder and the way to help. Stress management techniques (such as exercising, writing, relaxation) may also create better self respect.

1. Which of the following best states the topic of this text?
A.The combination of causes of bulimia
B.The cause and treatment of bulimia
C.Bulimia among young women
D.Series of long-term eating disorder
E.Physical and mental health problem

2. The main idea of this text is that ...
A.Bulimia is a complex condition
B.Bulimia has no clear cause
C.Bulimia needs proper and long-term treatment
D.The condition can create physical and mental health problem.
E.Physical counseling and antidepressant medicine can cure bulimia.

3. Implied in the text is that the bulimia may cause ...
A.Type 1 diabetes
B.Weight gain
C.Medicine overuse

4. Which of the following treatment is not related to bulimia?
A.Group counseling
B.Cognitive-behavioral therapy
C.Sport and exercise

5.  The following information is true about bulimia mentioned in the text, EXCEPT that bulimia...
A.Mostly affects young women and teenagers.
B.Can create other health problems.
C.Cannot be treated at home.
D.Is related to socially acceptable destructive behavior.
E.Has binge-purge cycles.

Kunci Jawaban:
1. B.The cause and treatment of bulimia
2. C.Bulimia needs proper and long-term treatment
3. E.toothaches
4. D.vaccine
5. C.Cannot be treated at home.


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